Why process management?

The use of process management can be useful if classical optimization measures are not sufficient to achieve the desired results. Because process management goes beyond the mere improvement of existing processes and establishes an organization whose structures and processes are perfectly aligned with the value creation process and customer benefit.

At the same time, process management facilitates the continuous maintenance of the highest possible level of quality by setting standards for transparent and efficient structures and establishing control processes and control loops. Deviations thus become immediately visible, enabling continuous control and further improvement by those involved in the process in the sense of KAIZEN (Japanese for “change for the better”) and KVP (“continuous improvement process”). In this way a self-learning organization can be established through process management.

A process management project includes a comprehensive requirements analysis, on the basis of which the process of value creation is initially made transparent and redesigned with a focus on customer benefit. The guidelines are the creation of clear structures and lean processes as well as the avoidance of any waste. In particular, the control and support processes are aligned with the requirements of the operational value-added process.

Our performance features

In projects for the introduction of process management we support you flexibly and demand-oriented with different concepts, methods and tools, which have already proven themselves in practice many times. In order to align the newly created structures and processes with your individual goals in the best possible way, we work with you to conduct thorough analyses of the activity structures and value flows in your company, both at the level of operational processes and at the levels of control and support processes. In most cases, the focus is on the visualization of processes, the evaluation of process quality from the customer’s perspective and the identification of opportunities to establish better processes.

Both in process analysis and evaluation as well as in the subsequent phase of structure and process design, we do not proceed according to templates, but implement process management in close dialogue with you, in accordance with your corporate culture and with the knowledge and experience of your employees. In general, it is crucial for success that management and employees actively support a process management project with conviction – and are motivated to continue process optimization through consistent application of key figures even after the project is completed. Because sustainability is only ensured when the employees have internalized the philosophy of KAIZEN or KVP. Therefore the demand-oriented training of your employees, depending on their level of knowledge, is a very important aspect of our process management projects.


Your advantages

  • Increase of effectiveness, efficiency and customer satisfaction through process orientation and customer focus
  • Sustainable optimization of your added value through motivated employees
  • Avoidance of errors and reduction of processing and throughput times through stable, standardised processes
  • More effective use of your budget through better cost transparency
  • Increase of the quality and cost awareness of your employees
  • Consistent implementation of the KAIZEN philosophy