AEM Weinreich provides assistance in the form of tailor-made management solutions in the engineering sector with a particular focus on the automotive and supply industry. As a result of many years of experience, we are well acquainted with the entire automotive sphere with its interfaces, sectors and processes. We are familiar with all levels of both the manufacturer and supplier sides.

Manufacturers and suppliers both stand to benefit equally from our consulting and management services and holistic solutions.

Furthermore, we also provide support for small and medium-sized enterprises, regardless of the industry.

We always work in an implementation and results-oriented manner and attach great importance to ensuring that the benefits of our advice are clear and success is measureable.

Bearing all this in mind, the single most important thing for us is: we represent quality!
AEM Weinreich fulfils the ISO 9001:2015 quality management standard and is TÜV Nord certified.


We can offer you both classical consulting and also the direct implementation, within your company, of processes developed by AEM Weinreich, all tailored to your requirements. We would be more than happy to assist you with your project all the way through to the successful realisation of the result that you want to achieve.

Our primary goal is your satisfaction. In order to achieve this, we work according to the following principles:

Target-oriented communication

Target-oriented and efficient communication is a key success factor in project management. We maintain close dialogue with you throughout the project duration, we ensure that you are kept well informed at all times, and we maintain a continuous exchange of information with all stakeholders.

Holistic thinking

A holistic and integrated view of the entire process and planning, from development through to production, enhances efficiency along the process chain and supports our target-oriented modus operandi.

Effective action

Rigorous implementation of the concepts we have developed and consistent support maintained right up to the successful conclusion of your project emphasise our accountability for results and create the basis for maximum customer satisfaction.

Knowledge-based confidence

Let us persuade you of sector expertise. With our knowledge of the requirements of the individual market participants and our understanding of the interplay between the individual processes, we can help you make well-founded decisions.

Thinking outside the box every once in a while

A meaningful combination of tried-and-tested solution methods with innovative and creative approaches enables us to find solutions to successfully tackle even the most unusual problems.



Michael Weinreich (senior consultant and proprietor) heads our team. Mr Weinreich has a Master’s in Engineering and over ten years of professional experience in executive engineering and management positions. As a result, he has a very extensive and detailed engineering acumen and also comprehensive leadership and management skills.

Take a look at the list of our reference projects for evidence of our experience.


Mr Weinreich’s team consists of specialists from a wide range of areas such as quality management, project management, systems analysis as well as experts on the structuring and formal inspection of technical documents.This provides us with the flexibility to accommodate your project’s personnel and technical requirements, and our interdisciplinary project group also has the necessary resources at its disposal to tackle both large and small tasks.
Our team is highly flexible and able to handle the most diverse of projects in a reliable and proficient manner.

Award-winning management solutions – we’re accredited!

As a consultancy firm, we don’t only want to talk but also provide quality assured services. TÜV-Nord has certified that our company fulfils the ISO 9001:2015 quality management standard and puts it into practice in our day-to-day activities.